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Elite 1 Xpressions

Cow Print (UV 1)

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  • Water Resistant
  • Scratch proof
  • Permanent
  • Safe for Glass, Stainless Steel and Hard Plastic

Please follow all instructions prior to placing on a cup

 This is a permanent decal sheet. Clear transfer adhesive around the images are peeled up leaving only the image on your surface. 

To Use: make sure your surface is clean and dry. Cut your desired decals with scissors (if desired or needed), peel backing off, and apply the transfer to your surface. Make sure everything is correctly lined up and applied, once the transfer is on, you cannot peel back up. Use a squeegee to go over the entire transfer on your surface , making sure there are no air bubbles. Once this is done, peel up and remove the clear film SLOWLY, Peel sideways, do not peel in an upwards direction. Hand wash only!

Processing and ship time is 7-10 business days excluding weekends and holidays.