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Elite 1 Xpressions

Tray & Coaster Set ~ Zeta

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This handcrafted custom resin set includes 1 tray & 4 pc coaster set. 

Care Instructions 

 All products should be cleaned with a soft cloth, and washed with mild soap and water. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners or alcohol for cleaning and do not soak products in water. Never use abrasive cloths or devices on products. Do not place these items in the dishwasher as they are NOT DISHWASHER SAFE. These products are also NOT MICROWAVE SAFE. Please avoid extreme heat and extreme temperatures. To prevent excessive damage, refrain from using sharp objects on epoxy surfaces (i.e., cutting, chopping etc.)

Keep products away from direct exposure to sunlight. Prolonged exposure to UV rays will cause

The resin we use is food grade, which means you can place food directly on the resin itself.

All resin pieces should be stored in a cool and dry flat area.